Fiverr sellers Video ranks for multiple keywords

Number 1 for Buy seo online


  The Facts

Search term – Multiple ‘Buy seo online’ , ‘Buy Seo services online’ , ‘Buy seo’ and ‘Buy Seo services’

Status – Ranking on Page 1 of youtube and the number 1 spot for ‘buy seo online’

The Story

This fiverr seller who owns this video ElaineKelly971 was shocked and amazed when we got her video to the number 1 spot on youtube for ‘buy seo online’ – it is also ranking nicely on page 1 of youtube for buy seo, ‘buy seo services only’ and ‘buy seo services’. Not only that, it is also the number 2 spot on google videos too. While Elaine is an Seo expert herself she just didn’t have the time so got us to step in.



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